Project Execution Sprint

Project Online Sprint - Project Execution

Project Online offers you a powerful platform to improve your project management execution. The solution supports the full life-cycle from capturing the business case to closing the project all within a single interface and user experience. Project Online is quick to set up and the realization of benefits does not require months of design and analysis.

We have organized the functionality of Project Server into the following, high-level progression from defining the work (business case) to managing the work (project execution). Each of our Sprint offerings focus on specific components of this progression.

Project Execution

About this Sprint

This offering focuses on project execution as shown in the graphic below. The environment is configured so that you can load current and upcoming projects and gain insight into resource conflicts and constraints, actual project progress and begin to implement standards for schedule creation, status reporting and deliverables.

Projection Execution

Key Benefits

  • Understand Resource Constraints on current projects
  • Improve collaboration within project teams
  • Capture consistent project status reports and identify delivery and budget issues earlier

Anticipated Timeline and Activities


Project Execution Sprint Specifics

Key Deliverables

  • Complete up to 5 Requirements and Design Sessions
  • Define Customer specific Custom Fields for Projects and Resources (maximum 15 fields)
  • Define 2 Project Detail Pages (PDP) for the capture of Project related data
  • Creation of one Enterprise Project Template
  • Deploy pre-built Project Site template
  • Deploy pre-built Enterprise Calendar based on official holidays and standard work week
  • Deploy out of the box security configuration
  • Provide instructions for resource creation and loading
  • Provide instructions for importing existing projects
  • Create 3 Key Views in Project Center and 2 in the Resource Center
  • Creation of 3 Excel reports using Odata
  • One training session for up to 10 Project Managers (2 days)

Scope Exclusions

This Sprint excludes the following features and functionality. Each can be added for an additional charge.

  • Implementation of timesheet functionality
  • Creation of custom reports
  • Integration with existing business systems including Active Directory
  • Training of team members, executives and resource managers
  • Custom security groups and settings
  • Training and Deployment of the Portfolio Optimization features (see Portfolio Quick Start)
  • Ongoing support and maintenance


The cost for this Project Execution Sprint is $25,000 plus applicable taxes. It is a fixed price project based on the list of deliverables and exclusions outlined above. The budget will be billed in three installments at the beginning, mid-point and conclusion of the Sprint.

Partner Led Trial Contact Information

Paul Estabrooks
Partner, Sales
Agora Consulting Partners Inc.
416-304-1338 x11

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