AIM Methodology

The Agora Implementation Methodology (AIM) for Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Online implementations is a best practice model that is based on our history using the Microsoft Solutions Framework and the principles of PMBOK.  Agora adopted the Microsoft Solutions Framework when it was first introduced in the mid 90's, training all of our project managers and developer on its principles and approach.

From our experience, as successful implementation requires a well-rounded approach to success.  As such, the following four areas will be considered in all AIM engagements.

People Change Management

The must be a plan in place to address the change.  We frequently provide guidance to our customers on what this plan should contain and how it should be executed.  It is vital that the client own the responsibility for managing the change and it is equally vital that the change be addressed with a coordinated approach.

Processes and Procedures

We work with all of our clients to understand and document current processes and explain how these processes will change with the introduction of an PPM solution.  The goal in developing these processes and procedures is to identify, communicate and implement best practices for the PPM solution. These processes are a key deliverable of the project as they inform a large portion of the design, configuration and training needed to realize the benefits of this initiative.

Skills Development

An implementation of Microsoft Project Server or Microsoft Project Online will require new and/or improved skills on the part of the user community.  The implementation needs to include a training strategy that addresses the specific needs of each user community.  We have a dedicated full-service training practice, Avalon Training Group, to support the strategy with a wide range of options to our customers as well as the ability to provide customized and continuous training programs.


Technology is at the center of the project and needs to be sized correctly, configured and extended where necessary to meet business needs.  We have a development practice will years of experience integrating with and extending Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Online.  In addition we have created a suite of applications, Agora Enterprise Apps for Project Online that enhance the experience of using Microsoft's EPM Cloud offering.

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