Application Code Assist

As an extension to the Agora Code Framework the Application Code Assist (ACA) solution was developed to reduce the need to manually create business entity classes and initialization code.  
Code Generation

Code generation customization was the primary objective for the ACA tool. All code generation can be customized via the ACA Project Settings window on a project specific basis. The code can be generated in any programming language. The default templates that are shipped with ACA target the Agora Framework, however custom templates can be created to target any framework.


Since the purpose of the tool is to increase the developer's productivity, the tool needed to be extremely accessible to the developer. Therefore, ACA was built as a Visual Studio Add-On. Toolbars and context menus were added to the Visual Studio IDE to provide quick access to the tool's features.

Code Generation Customization

The ACA tool utilizes a Project Settings file that is customized for each project. The ACA tool has a Project Settings Window that allows the user to create or modify an ACA Project Settings file. Configurable elements include Visual Studio Projects, databases, metadata files, and code generation templates that a project utilizes.

  • Business Logic Layer (BLL) Object Generation
  • Business Logic Layer (BLL) Method Generation
  • Facade Method/Code Block Generation
  • Database Stored Procedure Generation
  • Publish Exception Code Block Generation
  • Automatic Document Formatting within Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Project Templates
    • ACA Common Project Template
    • ACA Web Application Template
    • ACA Windows Application Template
  • Metadata Generation
    • Database Schema (i.e. Tables, Views, Stored Procedures)
    • Stored Procedure Result Schema
    • Lookup Table Content

Why Choose Agora? 

Certified Competency

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Application Development

Proven Implementations
  • Loblaws Photolab
  • SOS
  • CIPF
  • MFDA
  • Neilson Media Research
  • Toronto Star Newspapers

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