Developer Tools

Application Code Assist - Write better code faster.  Application Code Assist is a code generation tool used in conjunction with the Agora Code Framework or your own framework to drastically reduce development time.

Resource Editor - The Resource Editor is a Windows application that allows a user to modify any type of resource file. The Resource Editor was designed to give non-developers the ability to create new resource files, update existing resource files, and generate satellite assemblies that can be deployed to their published application.

Requirements Tracker - Requirements Tracker is a Windows application designed to capture requirements for a software development project. Requirements Tracker is integrated with Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Exception Tracker - Publishes exceptions from an application to a web service, the Windows Event Log, a text file, or as an email. Immediately notifies us when an exception occurs in any monitored application and provides detailed information on call stack and data.

Why Choose Agora? 

Certified Competency

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Application Development

Proven Implementations
  • Loblaws Photolab
  • SOS
  • CIPF
  • MFDA
  • Neilson Media Research
  • Toronto Star Newspapers

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