Apps for Project Online

Agora Enterprise Apps for Project Online is a comprehensive suite of tools to extend Microsoft's cloud based project management offering

IntakeStakeholder ManagerDynamic PDP SiteStatus Manager


PORT 365RemindersEnterprise Integrator

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These apps are third-party-provider hosted and operate within the Agora Enterprise Apps framework. They provide bi-directional interaction with Microsoft Project Online and other business systems all within a seamless User Interface.

The solution includes:
  • The ability to poll the organization for ideas and requests, integrating this information with Project Online
  • Configurable status reporting with trending and integration with the schedule and project sites
  • Configurable email reminders and alerts for timesheets and late status reports regardless of email platform
  • The ability to define Stakeholders on a project and include them in workflow approvals
  • Configurable data capture of multi-dimensional data for budgets, project risk profiles or benefits
  • Agora’s powerful PORT 365 reporting solution that enables trending, SSRS reports and data integration